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Hear, ye!  Hear, ye!  We are thrilled to announce our brand new show, celebrating the Magic and Mystery of American History!  This 45 minute show combines Erick Hershey's love of American History, Magic, and Teaching (Erick has also been an educator for over 20 years), and blends it into a magical journey back to the Colonial era! 

Specially designed for schools and to target the PDE Social Studies - U.S. History requirements, there are versions for all elementary grades K-6.  And we are developing a special version for AP History classes in grades 7-12 as well!

The show is also perfect for:

  • Scout Packs and Troops

  • Museums

  • Camps

  • ...and more!

Take a look at what people are already saying about Ameri-ca-dabra!:

Click on the buttons, for PDF downloads of our Ameri-ca-dabra! INFO SHEET, and FLYER

Ameri-ca-dabra! Media

Ameri-ca-dabra! Trailer!

The Magic and Mystery of American History!

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